Elected Officials throughout the County

Board of Supervisors Edit
Clerk of Board: 925-335-1900

District Representative PhoneFaxE-MailTerm Ends
1 John M. Gioia 510-374-3231 2010
2 Gayle B. Uilkema
925-335-1046 925-335-1076 2008
3 Mary Piepho925-820-8683 925-820-6627 2008
4 Susan Bonilla 925-521-7100 925-646-5202Dist4@bos.cccounty.us2010
5 Federal Glover 925-427-8138
925-634-5915 2008

Terms are for 4 years. Election is during the congressional primary.
Campaign contribution limit: $500 for the first half of an election year, and $500 for the second half of an election year. $2,500 in the case of broad-base committees.

For committees spending more than $1,000 for candidates or more than $5,000 for measures, all mass mailings to non-members must include the names and occupations of the top 5 donors on the bottom third of the frontpage. If more than a third of contributions for the last 12 months is from people outside the county, then the top third of the disclosure shall state "Major funding from large out-of-county contributors."

AntiochEdit City Clerk: 925-779-7009

Position Holder PhoneE-MailTerm Ends
Mayor Donald P. Freitas (925)778-1161 November 2008
Brian Kalinowski(925)777-1712 November 2008
Reginald L. Moore (925)706-7040reggiemoore35@msn.comNovember 2010
Mayor Pro Tem James 'Jim' Davis (925)754-3714 JD4ANTIOCH@AOL.COM November 2010
Arne Simonsen(925) November 2008

Terms are for 4 years.

Brentwood Edit
City Clerk:

Position Holder PhoneE-MailTerm Ends
Chris Becnel (925)516-5440 November 2010
Brandon Richey(925)516-5440 2010
Mayor Bob Taylor (925) November 2008
Erick Stonebarger(925) 516-5440 November 2010
Vice Mayor Robert A. Brockman(925) November 2008

Clayton Edit
Administration Office: 925-676-7300
City Clerk: 925-673-7304

Position Holder PhoneTerm Ends
Vice Mayor Greg Manning (925)673-7316 November 2008
David T. Shuey(925)673-7317 November 2010
Hank Stratford (925) 673-7318 November 2010
Mayor Bill Walcutt(925) 673-7321 November 2008
Julie Pierce(925) 673-7320 November 2008

Concord Edit
City Clerk: 925-671-3000

Position Holder PhoneTerm Ends
Laura Hoffmeister 925-671-3158 November 2010
Michael Chavez925-671-3158 November 2010
Mayor Mark Peterson 925-671-3158 November 2008
Helen M. Allan925-671-3158 November 2010
Vice Mayor Bill Shinn925-671-3158 November 2008

Campaign contribution limit: $1,000. If a committee, the limit is $1,500. The Mayor is not directly elected, but is chosen from within the council.

Danville Edit
City Clerk: 925-314-3401

Position Holder PhoneFaxE-MailTerm Ends
Mike Doyle 925-837-5406 925-837-3283 November 2008
Karen G. November 2010
Mayor Michael Mike Shimansky 925-831-0130 November 2010
Newell Arnerich925-831-2545 2008
Vice Mayor Candace November 2008

Mass mailings require identification of the group paying for the mailing. For committees spending more than $1,000 for, all mass mailings to non-members must include the names and occupations of the top 5 donors on the bottom third of the frontpage. If more than a third of contributions for the last 12 months is from people outside the county, then the top third of the disclosure shall state "Major funding from large out-of-town contributors."

El Cerrito Edit
City Clerk: 510-215-4305

Position Holder PhoneE-MailTerm Ends
Sandi Potter 510-528-8217 2010
Janet November 2010
Jan Bridges November 2008
Mayor Letitia Moore510-558-1218 2008
Protem Bill November 2008

Elections are held in November of even years. Terms are for 4 years

Hercules Edit
City Clerk: 510-799-8215

Position Holder PhoneE-MailTerm Ends
Joe Eddy McDonald 2010
Kris 2010
Mayor Ed Balico November 2008
Vice Mayor Joanne Ward(510)724-5581 Joanne@joanneward.comNovember 2008
Charleen Raines November 2008

Terms are for 4 years

Lafayette Edit
City Clerk: 925-299-3210

Position HolderE-MailTerm Ends
Carl Anduri canduri@lovelafayette.orgNovember 2008
Brandt AnderssonBAnderson@lovelafayette.orgNovember 2010
Mayor Carol Federighi November 2008
Vice Mayor Mike Andersonmanderson@lovelafayette.orgNovember 2008
Don Tatzin November 2010

Council members serve four-year terms. The Council selects one member to serve as mayor for a one year term that expires in November

Martinez Edit
City Clerk: 925-372-3512

Position HolderPhoneE-MailTerm Ends
Mayor Rob Schroder (925)372-3501 rschroder@cityofmartinez.orgNovember 2010
Michael Menesini(925)372-3541mmenesini@cityofmartinez.orgNovember 2010
Mark Ross(925) 372-3544mross@cityofmartinez.orgNovember 2008
Vice Mayor Lara Delaney(925)372-3542ldelaney@cityofmartinez.orgNovember 2008
Janet Kennedy(925)372-3543 November 2008

Moraga Edit
Town Clerk: 925-376-2590

Position HolderPhoneFaxE-MailTerm Ends
Mayor Ken Chew(925)376-2590 (925)376-2034hon.kenchew@sbcglobal.netNovember 2010
Dave Trotter(925)376-2590(925)376-2034 November 2010
Rochelle Bird(925) 376-2590(925)376-2034rbird@hotmail.comNovember 2008
Lynda Deschambault(925)376-2590(925)376-2034LyndaD4TownC@yahoo.comNovember 2008
Michael Metcalf(925)376-2590(925)376-2034 November 2008

Oakley Edit
City Clerk: 925-625-7013

Position HolderPhoneFaxE-MailTerm Ends
Carol Rios (925)625-3516 (925) November 2010
Pat Anderson(925)625-5745(925)625-5745pipa@ecis.comNovember 2008
Vice Mayor Bruce Connelley(925) 625-7467(925)625-4745bconnelley@comcast.netNovember 2010
Mayor Kevin Romick(925)439-6890(925)625-4745Kevin@romick.netNovember 2008
Brad Nix(925)625-3907(925)625-3907 November 2008

Orinda Edit
City Clerk: 925-253-4221

Position HolderE-MailTerm Ends
Amy Worth 2010
Tom 2010
Mayor Steve 2008
Vice Mayor Victoria 2008
Sue Severson 2010

Pinole Edit
City Clerk: (510) 724-8928

Position HolderE-MailTerm Ends
David C. November 2010
STEPHEN S. TILTONFCode3@aol.comNovember 2010
Mayor Maria AlegriaMLalegria@comcast.comNovember 2008
Mayor Pro Tempore Peter MurrayPJMpinole@aol.comNovember 2008
Mary Hortonmaryhorton2004@yahoo.comNovember 2010

Pittsburg Edit
City Clerk: 925-252-4890

Position HolderPhoneTerm Ends
Holland Barrett White(925)252-4850November 2022
Vice Mayor Jelani Killings(925)252-4850November 2020
Mayor Juan Antonio Benales(925)252-4850November 2020
Shanelle Scales-Preston(925)252-4850November 2022
Merl Craft(925)252-4850November 2022

The Mayor is selected among the Council Members and serves for a one year term.

Pleasant Hill Edit
City Clerk: 925-671-5237

Position HolderPhoneTerm Ends
Michael G. Harris(925)671-5267November 2010
Terri Williamson(925)671-5267November 2010
Suzanne C. Angeli(925)671-5267November 2008
Vice Mayor John Hanecak(925)671-5267November 2008
Mayor David E. Durant(925)671-5267November 2008

Richmond Edit
City Clerk: (510) 620-6513

Position HolderPhoneFaxE-MailTerm Ends
Mayor Gayle McLaughlin(510)620-6503(510)412-2070 November 2010
Mendell Lewis Penn(510)620-6861(510)239-9921 mlpenn@pacbell.netNovember 2008
Thomas K. Butt (510)236-7435(510)232-5325 2008
Vice Mayor Maria Viramontes (510)236-5977(510)236-9260 2010
Nathaniel Bates (510)222-1101(510)222-2530 Natbates@pacbell.netNovember 2008
Tony K. Thurmond,(510)223-4394(510)620-6542 2008
Ludmyrna Lopez (510) November 2010
Jim Rogers (510)867-5725(510)444-4460 Elirapty@aol.comNovember 2010
John E. Marquez(510)236-2604 Johnemarquez@aol.comNovember 2008

San Pablo Edit
City Clerk: (510) 215-3000

Position HolderPhoneFaxE-MailTerm Ends
Joseph Gomes(510)215-3000(510)620-0204 November 2008
Genoveva Garcia Calloway(510)215-3000(510)620-0204 Gcalloway@sbcglobal.netNovember 2010
Mayor Paul Morris (510)215-3000(510)620-0204 councilmanpaulmorris@yahoo.comNovember 2010
Vice Mayor Sharon Brown (510)215-3000(510)620-0204 sharonsell@aol.comNovember 2008
Leonard McNeil(510)215-3000 215-9127mcneilcampaign@macactivism.orgNovember 2008

San Ramon Edit
City Clerk: (925) 973-2539

Position HolderPhoneE-MailTerm Ends
Mayor H. Abram Wilson(925) November 2009
Jim Livingstone(925)973-2547 2009
David E. Hudson (925) 2009
Vice Mayor Carol J. Rowley (925) 2007
Scott Perkins(925)973-5877 2007

Terms are for 4 years. Campaign contribution limit set at time of election period by council resolution.

Walnut Creek Edit
City Clerk: 925-943-5818

Position HolderPhoneE-MailTerm Ends
Gary Skrel (925) November 2008
Cindy Silva(925)November 2010
Mayor Susan McNulty Rainey (925)943-1825rainey@walnut-creek.orgNovember 2010
Mayor Protem Gwen Regalia(925)934-6313November 2008
Charlie Abrams(925)932-2746 abrams@walnut-creek.orgNovember 2008

Term are for 4 years. Members elected at large. Campaign contribution limit: $100

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